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Nations Cup 2024

Nations Cup 2024

12.06.2024| Nations Cup 2024
Server relocation on 22.05.

Server relocation on 22.05.

22.05.2024| Server relocation on 22.05.
OFM: The Journey!

OFM: The Journey!

25.03.2024| OFM: The Journey!
Valentine's Day at OFM

Valentine's Day at OFM

13.02.2024| Valentine's Day at OFM
Get the Soccer Hall in the Top Talents League 2!

Get the Soccer Hall in the Top Talents League 2!

03.12.2023| Get the Soccer Hall in the Top Talents League 2!
Top Talents League has begun!

Top Talents League has begun!

21.09.2023| Top Talents League has begun!
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The Online FootballManager

This is OFM

Plunge yourself into the fantastic world of football and manage your own team online in the free browser game OnlineFootballManager. Every day offers fun and real challenges. Don't miss your chance to play this manager game!

Use your business mindset and playful tactics to lead your team to success in our football manager. In OnlineFootballManager, you are more than just a coach! You are also a manager, talent scout and owner. Witness exciting games every day and compare yourself to other managers. Nurture young talent in your club, discover new top players on the transfer market, train your team to the highest standards every day, expand your club grounds and transform your small stadium into a shimmering football temple. Be smart with your money and choose the right sponsors. You decide how many trophies are on display in your trophy cabinet.



Give your players individual support on the OnlineFootballManager training site. Depending how old the player is and what position they play, they may need to complete different training sessions in order to fully develop. Always make sure that your players have enough vigour. Games and training sessions cost the boys lots of energy. If they have too little vigour, you risk injuries, which can send your players to the bench. Tournaments and training camps are another very effective way of pushing your team and making them stronger. Get the best from your squad and optimise your team training!



In this browser game, you decide for yourself how you configure your player line-up and which tactics you want to use. It is advisable to look at your opposing manager to see what line-up fits best and promises much sought-after victory. Always make sure that you have a strong reserve bench so that you have a substitute ready in case of injury during the match. Are you more of an offensive coach or do you go for defensive tactics? Decide for yourself how hard your boys fight during the game.


Trophy cabinet

Every team needs a good place to show off their successes. Even OnlineFootballManger has trophy cabinets in various designs – there's something for every taste. You can show off all your cups, certificates and trophies that you have collected in our browser game. The trophy cabinets have infinite space, so get into the stadium and win some games. There is lots more empty space waiting for you to show off your success as a manager and a trainer!


World Cup

In our online manager game, winning the World Cup is the greatest success! In this transnational tournament, the 128 best teams in OnlineFootballManager compete against each other and make this competition the most valuable and most important tournament ever to have taken place in this browser game. The champions and runners-up from each country qualify, as do the two cup finalists from the respective country. This prestigious tournament is a real goal that makes all the hard daily training worthwhile. Lead your team to the top and secure the cup of cups!


Community events

Community events take place on OFM from time to time. You can join together in a clan with other players and work together to win valuable prizes. For example, the OFM Indoor Championship offered the opportunity win an exclusive football hall to add to your club facilities.