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The OFM Rule Compendium!

In the free-to-play OFM browser game, you take on the role and tasks of manager and coach of a virtual football team. You are the boss and your decisions will determine whether team achieves sporting and commercial success. Welcome to the fascinating world of OFM! The most important features of the game are virtual honour and glory as well as the hunt for titles in the spirit of fun and fair play.

In this game, the user is club chairman, manager and coach, which means that he or she has to assume responsibility for every aspect of running the club: Finance, development, contracts with sponsors, stadium development etc. You must successfully manage all of these areas in order to help your team become Champions.


The only thing you need for this game is an internet connection and a browser. It is completely stress-free. You can log in each day and pursue your management career, but it is up to you if you can spare only 5 minutes or if you want to refine strategies and tactics for hours. Every night (usually between 2 and 3 am), the matches are assessed and the next exciting day begins. Did your striker score? Was the strategy you chose the right one? How many visitors came to see your match? Soon you will find out!

1 Registration/Playing the game

Each player may only register one team! If our scouts find out that you have registered more than one team, your game account will be banned on grounds of rule violation.

Multiple log-ins from one computer or one network are possible if family members or friends want to play as well and use your computer to play the game. In those cases you have to report it under “Office” – “several managers using one IP” in order to prevent misunderstandings.

Get creative! Find and give your team an interesting name. Upon registration, you will find a list of all participating teams. Try not to give your team a name similar to an already existing one. One category with 5 teams called “Chelsea 1 to 5” looks stupid, wouldn’t you agree? Please also refrain from name-calling or making insulting remarks to other players. By accepting the rules of the game and the terms of use, each user in his capacity as a manager assumes sole responsibility for his personal information, passwords and, above all, his team!


2 Starting the game

Your team will be ready as soon as you click on the confirmation link in the activation email. Once you assume management responsibilities for your new club, you can sign new players for free on the amateur market (max. 26) to play in your initial matches. New teams always start in the lowest leagues and may need time to become promotion contenders.

You will also have a stadium with a capacity of several hundred excited spectators and some seed capital. We advise you to take a good look at the game and the features before buying new players or commissioning stadium expansions. A good start is half the battle! In order to lead your team to success, you need perseverance and acumen to get the best players and develop promising youngsters. With persistence and skill, you will be able to build a formidable team that will have your opponents running scared!


3 Info - Help - Statistics

Visit the boards to get tips from fellow gamers or ask for advice if you can't find an answer to your questions in the game itself. However, please take a close look at the gameplay in advance: The faster you familiarise yourself with the basic mechanics of the game, the sooner you will start getting results! You can find lots of information in our regularly updated FAQ section. Regular visits to the boards will help new and experienced players alike: They are not just a platform for exchanging information, they also provide information on new features or planned changes to the rules.

Important! The rule book remains in effect for the duration of your game account (which is open-ended).

Statistics about your team, your league or the game in general will also help you to select the best tactics and game strategies.


4 Overview

When you are logged in, you can find an overview of your club (rank in the standings, matchday, goal overview etc.), your team (squad size, team strength, number of banned players etc.) and your stadium in the main menu ("Office"). Your current financial status is displayed on the home page, as well.

You'll also have access to detailed information, standings, statistics and other features. Do you want to know what happens in other leagues? No problem. You can access the match schedules and standings of other teams in the overview section as well. Do you want to get to know your opponent before the match in order to figure out their strategy or simply to see how they manage their team? Again, no problem. Just click on the name of the team and you will find all the key information about them, as well as previous results, transfers etc. What's more, you can use the search feature to find a specific team or player you are interested in. By clicking a player‘s name, you can find out more about his history.

Are you interested in what's going on on the transfer market? You can offer players, search for new players on the amateur market, or bid on a player who is for sale on the transfer market.

Experienced team managers will know right from the start where to look after logging in. The daily match results for your team (league, cup, friendly and FunCup matches). Click on the match report to get more details on a particular game.


5 Detailed overview

After logging in, you are in your "Office" from where you can access all information and game features.

5.1 The Office

In the submenu, you will find your team history sorted by seasons and the most important information on your team (rank in the standings, average age, strength, total balance or stadium). Of course, there is also an OFM history where you can see the winners and matchmakers of previous seasons and their statistics

5.2 The Team

This is where you can find all important pieces of information on your team: age, strength, freshness, fitness, experience and training points, salary and contract terms. If you want to take a closer look at a player, just click on his name to see his history.

In the "Team" category, you can configure the line-up, system, tactics and subs for league, Cup and friendly matches. Tell your players how much effort they should put into the next match. As their trainer, it is in your hands whether your players are completely exhausted after a match or if they are injured and if the referee keeps his cards in the pocket because your boys are timid in their one-on-ones. Just keep in mind that there is no such thing as a guaranteed win!

Under "Training", you can lay the corner stone for strength upgrades in the course of the game. You decide who trains, you determine the training focus or book tournaments and training camps for your players (national and international).

The "Player Statistics" has detailed information on your players. You are unhappy with your boys? Maybe you should invest some money in "Youth Development"? Who knows? Maybe you can contract a future Maradona for your team!

5.3 Transfer

The transfer market is divided into two sections: The "Amateur Market" where you can get players for free (but they have a strength restriction) or the "Transfer Market" where you can buy national and international players that other OFM managers want to sell. You can limit your search by entering player age, position and strength. Your bid must always be higher than that of another bidder, and the highest bidder always wins at the end of the 7th week (always between 7 and 9 am depending on game server/country at 7 am. For more information, please visit the boards).

If you are interested in a player, you can watch him and the bids of your contenders until the last minute before placing your bid and deciding the battle in your favour. If you have one of your players on the transfer market, you can watch the bid status on your soon-to-be ex-team member under "Offers".

If you are curious about changes in other teams in the game, you can also analyze the sales of the previous day under "Player Transfer".

5.4 Stadium

You can choose a name for your stadium and determine the entrance fees for the individual sectors.

After registration, each player begins with a stadium capacity of several hundred spectators. You can see how many spectators came to see your home matches. The more interesting the match promises to be, the more visitors will come!

In the course of the game, you will want to expand your stadium under "Stadium Expansion" because the better your stadium, the more spectators will want to come see your matches! You can also choose if you want your fans to have roofed or roofless stands. As your team improves, visitors will expect you to improve your "Stadium Environment". Floodlights, different score boards, good security or sufficient parking can make a major difference in how much the fans will enjoy spending their free time in your stadium to cheer for your team.

Never forget: If you overextend your finances here you have made the wrong investment. Consider this: Does a stadium with a capacity for 400 visitors really need an expensive floodlight system if your team still plays in the district league? Furthermore, each improvement will also increase the weekly upkeep costs!

5.5 Finances

There is one thing every professional team needs: a detailed balance of "Proceeds & Expenses". This is where you can see a clear overview of your interest rates, proceeds from entrance fees, player salaries or money spent on or gained from transfers. If you need more money to invest in your team, you can also choose to take out a loan with the "Bank".

A “Sponsor” is an integral part of every type of sport, and your football team can greatly benefit from having one. Each available sponsor offers a different contract, so you should weigh up the benefits and the risks before choosing. Do you prefer a high weekly income to large prize money? Do you go after the high prize money for league promotion or do you prefer to make smaller amounts throughout the year? Or maybe you are content with the prize money for staying in the league? Forecasts and a calculator can help you make your decision.

5.6 League

This section is full of statistics, numbers and facts, and you can read it every day after the match just like a sports paper. In addition to the standings and the matchday’s results (including reports), you can also access the match schedule and the league statistics here. Who is the best scorer in the league? How many spectators watched which match? Who are the top players, who won the most tackles, who is banned and for how long? You can also take a look at the "Season Progress" to see a chart of the individual matchdays and the team’s rank in the standings. Furthermore, you can get an overview of other leagues in the sub-categories "matchday" and "Standings", too.

5.7 Country Cup (OFM-Cup)

With the onset of each season, the fight for the coveted OFM Country Cup begins in each of the 32 countries

The number of participating teams depends on the number of teams in your country. All teams from the higher leagues are chosen. In addition to that, teams from the lesser leagues will be drawn by lots. Those teams will be matched with a professional team and when all professional teams are matched, the remaining amateurs will be matched with each other

Matches will be played according to a normal Knock-Out system. If the match ends in a draw after 90 minutes, it will continue for 2x15 minutes extra-time. If it is still a draw after that, the match will be decided by penalty shootout. In the penalty shootout, the best players of each team are chosen automatically.

The rounds will take place throughout the season.

The pairings for the next round will be determined after the matches. Each participating team will receive an appearance fee which will also be played after matches. You can find the bonuses under Cup in the menu item Finances.

The line-up for Cup matches must be done separately under team --> Cup line-up! Results, pairings and statistics on the Cup can be found under Cup in the main menu. If a team has less than 7 players on the scheduled matchday, this team automatically loses the match.

Cup matches are a visitor magnet and your spectators will not mind paying a few £ more to watch these matches. The further a team advances in the Cup, the more visitors will come to watch the matches in your stadium! Unlike league and friendly matches, the proceeds from Cup matches will be split. 50% go to the home team, the other 50% go to the away team. Proceeds from visitors can be found under Cup in the Finances menu.

Cards and bans have no effect on league matches. In case of a red card, the ban depends on the type of foul play. In case of a red card following two successive yellow cards the player will miss the next match. After the 3rd yellow card in the Cup season, the player will also miss the next match. If a player is sent off after receiving two yellow cards it will not count as a yellow card but as a red card, which means that the counter for yellow cards is the same as before the match!

Players who are banned during the Cup must serve their ban time during the Cup as well. In other words: If one or more players get a ban, this ban only counts in the next match of the club. If the club is eliminated after the 1st round, this ban will be carried over to the next Cup match in the following season.

More about this: OFM-Board: FAQ, Questions & Answers

5.8 FunCups – own Cups & leagues without impact on your players‘ progress

FunCups are cup tournaments organised by managers for managers. Each OFM manager can choose to participate in a number of organised FunCups in addition to the normal league operations or start his/her own individual FunCup. There are several features, different modes, profitable prizes, coveted trophies, countless statistics and much more. It is an "OFM within the OFM"!

FunCups differ from other OFM matches. Participation in FunCups has no effect on your players’ attributes, which is why we call them "FunCups". Your players will not receive experience points and they will not lose freshness. You will not get money from entrances fees. But: You can cash-in on great prize money! Furthermore, you will get a valuable trophy you can display in your cabinet on your club site for each FunCup you win! Your FunCup achievements will also be immortalised on your club site and in your club history. FunCups are about titles, trophies and prize money, and all of that is organised and planned by managers for managers.

More about this: OFM-Board: FAQ, Questions & Answers

5.9 Friendly Matches ("Friendlies")

Subs or young players can be motivated by participating in friendlies. The experience they gain from those matches is also relevant for the progress of individual players and the whole team. You can offer friendlies and stipulate your opponent’s strength. If you offer a match, you can stipulate a price. If you offer a friendly, it will be played in your opponent’s stadium and he will receive the proceeds from entrance fees minus the appearance fee. The price agreed upon before the match will be automatically credited to your account. You can also accept the various offers, play the match in your own stadium and pay the appearance fee for your opponent’s team. Be careful, though: In order to prevent racketeering, inflated and unfair prices we introduced price scaling.

You can view match reports from friendlies under "Organised Friendlies".

More about this: OFM-Board: FAQ, Questions & Answers

5.91 Statistics

Number crunchers and statistic freaks will love this feature. The most important and interesting items are sorted by rank and number: team strength, players, team salary, stadium ... you can use the search to gather information on other teams and players.


6 Board

Exchange of experiences, insider tips, sharing funny stories about the game or small talk are a daily ritual on the boards. The boards are also a place where users can take an active part in the game and make or discuss proposals for changes. If you want to rant about a season going badly you will find sympathetic ears here. However, the fairplay rule also applies to the boards! Other users will appreciate friendly communication. Those who follow the rules of conduct and netiquette will receive more attention than whiners.

The boards are divided into different sections on the game, theory and strategy but also the real life goings-on in the world of sports.

Some important advice: If you are active on the boards, making good use of the search feature is extremely important to reduce the number of posts with the same topic!

Furthermore, you can get in touch with other users directly by making good use of your mailbox.


7 Youth development

In real-life football, the importance of youth development is obvious and things are not much different here on OFM. If you invest in young players you will reap the rewards in the long run!

Youth development is the deciding factor for the quality and the quantity of talents you get from the U19. Depending on how much money the manager invests in his youth team and the number of spots he has for his youth squad he can sign a number of young players for his professional team.

The investments required depend on the league, i.e. you have to pay more if you play in the Premier League than if you played in the Second League and so on. On the other hand, the higher the league, the greater the chance to contract a world-class talent!


8 Sponsors

An important source of income during the season is your sponsor. After creating an account and at the start of a new season, you can choose from five sponsors. The contract with your sponsor ends after the final matchday of the season.

Your sponsor will pay a basic amount per matchday and in addition to that, he will pay prize money if you win a match (this prize money will be paid for each league match won, but not for Friendlies or Cup matches). A title bonus or a reward for staying in the league will be paid on the final matchday.

You can choose between five sponsors. Some will pay a high basic amount per matchday, but the money you earn for winning matches will be much less. Others pay only a small basic amount, but will be very generous when paying prize money for a win. Some sponsors pay more if your team stays in the league, other will pay a lot when your team gets promoted to the next higher league.
There is no "better" or "worse" sponsor – it is the manager’s discretion to find the right sponsor for his team. If you are careful and sceptical concerning your success this season, a high basic amount will be a safe source of income. If you have your eyes set on winning as many matches as possible you will benefit more from higher prize money. If you prefer to start out carefully and just secure your place in the league, you should choose the sponsor who pays most if your team stays in the league.

It can help to look at other teams before choosing a sponsor. You may not see what sponsors other teams have, but you can get a feel for the strengths of other teams and their win-defeat ratio etc. A good manager will do the maths and choose the right sponsor for his strategy.


9 Finances

If you act smartly you will not only get a good team but also secure your finances to improve the quality of your squad and your stadium. You have to study your proceeds and expenses as well as your wins and losses from previous seasons fastidiously. This will also be important if you want to take out a loan because the amount the bank will grant you depends on the proceeds of the previous season. The better you managed your finances in the past, the more trust the bank has in your future which results in a higher loan. The maximum possible loan in the first year is 200,000 €.

Important! If you mismanage and are in the red, you will not be banned from the game! You can go into debt as much as you want, but this also means that it will become more difficult to support your team in the long run. If the debt is too high, it will not be possible to make necessary investments and participation in the game will be harder.



10 Stadium

In the beginning, your team will only have a small stadium with a few hundred seats. In the course of the game, you can expand your stadium. You can increase the number of seats in the stands, build a roof over parts or all of the stadium and offer seating. You can further increase the attractiveness of your stadium by improving the stadium environment. A good floodlight or state-of-the-art scoreboards are not only pretty but also add a professional touch. The visitors will feel safer and visit more matches if you provide good security. Without enough parking, even the biggest stadium will remain empty, though.

The match report and the stadium statistics show how many tickets you sold for a home match. You can change the price for tickets depending on your opponent, because an interesting match and low entrance fees will attract many visitors, whereas bad or mediocre opponents or overpriced entrance fees will deter fans from coming, just like in real life. It will take experience to get things right and ensure that the fans stay true to the team, because even the best team in the world needs fans to cheer it on.

As a rule: Remodelling and improvement of your stadium will cost a lot of money and will increase the upkeep costs, too, which is especially difficult to manage for new players. Therefore, you should always plan remodelling carefully and according to your team situation. A mediocre or bad team will not attract enough visitors to fill a modern and big stadium! Furthermore, a big stadium has higher upkeep costs that can burn a large hole in a small club‘s pocket each matchday.

More about this: OFM-Board: FAQ, Questions & Answers


11 The game

Being a good manager is not enough in OFM – you also have to be a good trainer! You need the right line-up for the match strategy and your team must play the right tactics. Football professionals may be versatile, but they still play best in their position. Like in real-life football, there is no universal rule: Each trainer believes his strategy is the best (and sometimes they are even right!). Trappatoni fans will focus on a strong defence, whereas others swear by Brazilian-like striker play. However, choosing the right tactics and strategy is only half the match and it is the combination of all qualities of the team and the players that have an impact on the result of the match.

The computer calculates the individual activities and the result by factoring in the quality of the team. In general, a strong team has the advantage over a weak team, but there have been notable exceptions in the history of football, when the strong team underestimated the other team and the outcome of the match was on the line. In some cases, the weaker team won.

The match report summarizes each match and contains information not only on the most important moves but also on yellow and red cards. Chance plays a big role in the number of matches a player will miss after seeing a red card. After receiving the fifth yellow card, a player will miss the next match as well. You can see the number of cards each player has got under " Team" in the "Player Statistics". All yellow and red cards will be deleted at the end of the season, and the players can start the new season with a clean slate!

League matches run for the usual 2 x 45 minutes. extra-time or penalty shootouts are only for tied Cup matches or in Friendlies.

More about this: OFM-Board: FAQ, Questions & Answers


12 Experience and training

In the course of the season, players will gain or lose experience and proficiency (experience and training points). The gain or loss of these points is not only influenced by official league and Cup matches but also by friendlies, participation in tournaments, training or training camps. The line-up is extremely important for your team: If weak players meet a strong team, the increased number in lost one-on-ones will reduce the experience points. Furthermore, playing many matches and many training units is fatiguing and can lead to injuries. Therefore, you must take care to find a good balance. Allowing players to take a break from training can do wonders for their freshness and motivation.

The more experience and training points a player gets, the higher the relevant points to calculate up- or downgrades.

Hint: A well-balanced strategy is important for the progress of player and team. Good and experienced players may be a recipe for success, but in the long run, allowing young players to gain some field experience is important as well. Young players will learn faster if they can profit from being in a team with more experienced players.

You can determine a training plan for your team and focus on specific areas in order to improve your team. The older a player is, the harder it will be to improve his fitness or individual abilities. Younger players adapt much better and can benefit greatly from participating in national or international tournaments or training camps.

More about this: OFM-Board: FAQ, Questions & Answers


13 Transfers + Team

You can hire players for free on the amateur market (provided your squad consists of less than 26 players) or buy a player in an auction on the transfer market. The transfer market is open all season, and can be accessed at any time. Use the search feature to find a player you are interested in and start bidding. If your bid is higher than that of a competitor, the price will go up by his highest bid +1£.

Other interested parties would have to surpass your bid now in order to buy the player. Example: His trainer puts Diego Maradona on the transfer market for a starting bid of 15,000 £. Manager A bids 50,000 £ and the price displayed will be 15,001 £. Now manager B has to surpass the maximum bid of manager A. The auctions always end in the morning after the 7th week on the transfer market. For more information on local times, please visit OFM Boards.

You can hire new players for your team at any time. A big squad has its advantages, but an oversized squad can become very expensive and many players will not be able to improve.

You can offer players from your squad under "Transfer" in the sub-menu "Offers". The player can be on the transfer list for 3-7 matchdays. You can determine the starting bid for this player. If no manager is interested in buying your player at the end of his term on the transfer market, the player remains with your squad. While being offered on the transfer market, the player can continue to play for your club and you can always remove him from the transfer market as long as no manager has made a bid. Players with a remaining contract term of less than the duration of the offer or players who are 36 years old cannot be offered on the market.

Depending on your investments in youth development, you can hire good players from the youth squad for your team at the end of the season. (see item 7, Youth Development)

Attention: Each player may only transfer once per season!

More about this: OFM-Board: FAQ, Questions & Answers


14 Leagues

The league is divided into the following divisions:

Premier League, 18 teams, 4 relegation positions
Second League - 2 divisions with 18 teams and 2 promotion positions and 4 relegation positions each
Regional League - 4 divisions with 18 teams and 2 promotion positions and 4 relegation positions each
First League - 8 divisions with 18 teams and 2 promotion positions and 4 relegation positions each
Club League - 16 divisions with 18 teams and 2 promotion positions and 4 relegation positions each
County League A- 32 divisions with 18 teams and 2 promotion positions and 4 relegation positions each
County League B - 64 divisions with 18 teams and 2 promotion positions and 4 relegation positions each
District League A - 128 divisions with 18 teams and 2 promotion positions and 4 relegation positions each
District League B - 256 divisions with 18 teams and 2 promotion positions and 4 relegation positions each
Local League A - 512 divisions with 18 teams and 2 promotion positions each
Local League B - 1024 divisions with 18 teams and 2 promotion positions each
Community League – a maximum of 2048 divisions with 18 teams and 2 promotion positions each

Each league has 34 matchdays with first and second legs. After the season, on matchday 0, no matches will be played. The four weakest teams in each group will be relegated to a lower league (with the exception of the community league) and the teams ranking first and second in the league will be promoted to the next higher league. In case of teams in a higher league being banned a team positioned third or fourth may get promoted or teams in positions 15 and 16 may stay in the league.

The place in the standings is calculated as follows:
1. Points
2. Goal difference
3. Total number of goals this season.


15 Fair Play & Rules of Conduct

1. To ensure fair play, managers will be immediately banned from the game without prior warning if there is overwhelming evidence of a breach of the rules of conduct or of fraud. Multiple accounts will be immediately deleted. Administrators are not required to provide an explanation and are always considered the highest authority regarding any decisions.

2. All personal information provided upon account creation must be accurate.

3. The OFM Team reserves the right to ban players from the game without explanation.

4. Attempted fraud is a punishable offence and may lead to an account ban. The manager is not permitted to use any third-party means, mechanisms, software or other scripts in connection with the website. Furthermore, the player may not take any measures that puts excessive stress on the server infrastructure. It is forbidden to disrupt the game in any way.

5. It is strictly forbidden to access any OFM web page using anything other than an internet browser. This specifically applies to so-called bots.

6. If a manager does not have any players in his squad at the end of a season, his game details will be automatically deleted!

7. You, as the manager, are solely responsible for your account. You are responsible for all activities that occur in your account. The player undertakes that in such cases whereby he intentionally or unintentionally, wittingly or unwittingly grants third parties access to his account that he is wholly responsible for any and all activity, even in cases of misuse. Parents and guardians are responsible for the activities of the children in their care. The player has the right to change his password at any time.

8. Each manager undertakes to comply with the rules of general internet netiquette and chatiquette. We would like to point out that the OFM Team is authorized to resort to punitive measures such as full account bans, and that further legal steps in case of massive infringements will not be excluded. The player agrees that he concurs with the administration’s margin of discretion and that he regards it as a neutral and referee-like part of the game.

9. Accounts may not be sold for real money or items of value without the explicit consent of the admins.

10. The OFM Team will never ask a player to disclose his passwords. If a manager receives such a request, he can safely assume that it is not official and that he should not comply with it under any circumstance.

11. The manager should only ever access the game via the the official website. Using any other means to access the game is solely at the user’s risk.

12. The manager is aware that he has no right of privacy with regard to conversations and messages in the game, on the boards or in the official chat rooms. Furthermore, he accepts that the OFM Team is authorized to record and screen any such conversations if the need arises. Personal information thus obtained will only be used to monitor the adherence to rules and laws and will not be passed on to third parties!

13. Each manager who wants to play OFM must have a IP address. If this condition is not met, the player must always expect an automatic ban on the grounds of (alleged) multiple accounts. Exception: If more than one person does or wants to play from the same IP address (e. g. relatives, at school/work), this has to be reported to an administrator!

14. The OFM Team undertakes to answer possible claims, legal inquiries and requests of any kind to their best knowledge. However, no binding deadline for replies on the part of the administration exists. This also applies to enquiries in connection with account bans.

15. Because OFM is still in development, bugs cannot be avoided. Participation in the game also serves to help find bugs. If a user finds a bug, he MUST report it. The forum has a category specifically reserved for "Bugs". Any user knowingly exploiting a bug must expect to be punished. Anyone who unknowingly gains an advantage from a bug is required to report it. Failure to do means the player will be considered as having wittingly exploited the bug and will be punished accordingly.

16. The minimum age to play OFM is 12 years old!

17. Faking the names of OFM staff (administrators, moderators, support staff etc.) is explicitly forbidden and will be punished! Intent to mislead will also be punished.

18. Any and all game and user information are the property of OFM and the scripter.

More about this: OFM-Board: FAQ, Questions & Answers


16 Additional board rules

1. The supplemental board rules also apply for the chat, but special importance is attached to them in the board.

2. Double posts are not allowed, especially not if they happen within 24 hours.

3. Spam is only allowed in the OFF-TOPIC board!

4. Negative publicity in board topics is frowned upon.

5. Publishing private messages is only allowed if sender and recipient both explicitly agreed to it. Messages violating the terms of use may be forwarded to an administrator.


17 Premium features

The game is free-to-play but users can order premium features to enjoy great bonus features. Upgrading to premium features offers more excitement, features and convenience for little money.

By ordering the PlusPackage each manager can support the game operations and the ongoing development. In return, he can enjoy great additional features!


18 Terms of Use/GTCs

General Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy


19 Educational value of OFM

According to some opinions, computer and browser games have a negative effect on people, but they can also have a positive effect. We do not want OFM to affect people in a negative way but in a positive way! Therefore, we see making friends with many other managers as beneficial to the manager’s ambitions. The manager learns to handle, earn, manage and wisely spend money by managing his team. At the end, a positive balance and achieving one’s goal are prioritized. The main goal of our programmers was to create a fun game for all users/managers!



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Plunge yourself into the fantastic world of football and manage your own team online in the free browser game OnlineFootballManager. Every day offers fun and real challenges. Don't miss your chance to play this manager game!

Use your business mindset and playful tactics to lead your team to success in our football manager. In OnlineFootballManager, you are more than just a coach! You are also a manager, talent scout and owner. Witness exciting games every day and compare yourself to other managers. Nurture young talent in your club, discover new top players on the transfer market, train your team to the highest standards every day, expand your club grounds and transform your small stadium into a shimmering football temple. Be smart with your money and choose the right sponsors. You decide how many trophies are on display in your trophy cabinet.



Give your players individual support on the OnlineFootballManager training site. Depending how old the player is and what position they play, they may need to complete different training sessions in order to fully develop. Always make sure that your players have enough vigour. Games and training sessions cost the boys lots of energy. If they have too little vigour, you risk injuries, which can send your players to the bench. Tournaments and training camps are another very effective way of pushing your team and making them stronger. Get the best from your squad and optimise your team training!



In this browser game, you decide for yourself how you configure your player line-up and which tactics you want to use. It is advisable to look at your opposing manager to see what line-up fits best and promises much sought-after victory. Always make sure that you have a strong reserve bench so that you have a substitute ready in case of injury during the match. Are you more of an offensive coach or do you go for defensive tactics? Decide for yourself how hard your boys fight during the game.


Trophy cabinet

Every team needs a good place to show off their successes. Even OnlineFootballManger has trophy cabinets in various designs – there's something for every taste. You can show off all your cups, certificates and trophies that you have collected in our browser game. The trophy cabinets have infinite space, so get into the stadium and win some games. There is lots more empty space waiting for you to show off your success as a manager and a trainer!


World Cup

In our online manager game, winning the World Cup is the greatest success! In this transnational tournament, the 128 best teams in OnlineFootballManager compete against each other and make this competition the most valuable and most important tournament ever to have taken place in this browser game. The champions and runners-up from each country qualify, as do the two cup finalists from the respective country. This prestigious tournament is a real goal that makes all the hard daily training worthwhile. Lead your team to the top and secure the cup of cups!


Community events

Community events take place on OFM from time to time. You can join together in a clan with other players and work together to win valuable prizes. For example, the OFM Indoor Championship offered the opportunity win an exclusive football hall to add to your club facilities.